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A bright and complex coffee with mango and tangerine taste, followed by a sweet coconut milk aftertaste.

The Story

Dr. Rosebella grew up noticing the daily struggle most rural women go through in her country, and knew that at some point in her life, she would do something about it. For us, she is remarkable because she decided to work with the soil, with her hands, and amongst the female farmers when she completed her Doctorate in marketing instead of seeking a high-rank office job. She took the title “Dr” because she knew that would give her some respectability while making negotiations on behalf of the women she works with. “In the end,” she says, “I’m one more female farmer, but with schooling. So people give me more respect.”

Dr. Rosebella represents female farmers in her community. She works very hard to offer them another alternative since, she mentions, most farmers in her group depended primarily on making charcoal, which is bad for their health and the environment.

In 2018 she delivered around 40 seedlings to each woman in a group of 40 women; she offered training and technical assistance to these groups and helped them improve their practices. Today Rosebella and her allies are very happy with the results and will be celebrating a Harvest Festival no honor this first harvest in October.

How to brew

Chepsangor Farm, Rosebella Langat.

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