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Kolibri was born to celebrate the exciting cultural value of coffee

and bring the experience of its consumption to our community.

Coffees to-die-for

We specialize in the selection of high-quality single origin coffees, to ensure you get a perfect rendering of the qualities of each variety.

Sustainably Grown

All coffees we offer are part of a sustainable harvest throughout environmentally friendly practices applied in the farms.

Ethically Sourced

We are committed to purchase coffee at its fair price to ensure a healthy economic growth and social well-being of the farmers and their surrounding communities.

Locally Roasted

We favor the freshness of each batch. Our coffee comes from the most recent harvest and is carefully roasted locally to enhance its quality and complexity in the most tasty way.

From growing to brewing, we believe coffee is a form of art.

Stephany & Darius
Stephany & Darius

Dear reader,

We are Stephany Marmolejo and Darius Karremans, two coffee lovers with roots in Colombia & Costa Rica, both with vast experience in the coffee culture of those countries, which is firmly recognized throughout the world and allows us to venture into this incredible project. In our countries we have learned a thing or two about coffee production and about assessing quality within the beans. 

Back in 2015 we fell in love on a small Island in the mediterranean and from then on we have embarked on several adventures together such as travelling and discovering amazing places in different cities, including some cafes that have increased our love for this beverage.

After some years, in 2019 we decided to move to NL and build a home in Den Haag. To find a new way of living we combined the passion for coffee & our careers, this is how Kolibri started.

The project began with a small coffee production owned by Darius’ family that comes from the slopes of the Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica and is harvested at Nonna Anna farm (in honor of his grandmother’s name).

For Darius the company is still a part time job since he is also working as an IT manager, but he believes it will be his main project in the coming years. While for Stephany it’s a full time job which allows her to continue her career as a professional in Marketing.

Today we know the importance of offering an excellent bean within a region that has a clear demand regarding product quality and a high level of consumption.

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