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Dear reader,

We are Stephany Marmolejo and Darius Karremans, two coffee lovers with roots in Colombia & Costa Rica, both with vast experience in the coffee culture of those countries, which is firmly recognized throughout the world and allows us to venture into this incredible project. First to share all our knowledge about coffee and also to carry out our respective careers (International marketing and software development) in a certain way.

In 2015 we fell in love on a small Island in the mediterranean and from then on we have embarked on several adventures together such as travelling and discovering amazing places in different cities, including some cafes that have increased the love we have for this beverage. 

Kolibri Coffee was born through a small coffee production owned by Darius’ family that comes from the slopes of the Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica. We have called the coffee that is harvested on this farm Bougainvillea because of the vast amounts of these plants that grow in the region.

Our mission is to provide a high-quality sensory experience through an accessible coffee, which generates a positive impact throughout the value chain.

stephany & darius

We know the importance of offering an excellent bean within a region that has a clear demand regarding product quality and a high level of consumption.

On the other hand, we are proud to contribute to an industry that connects people from all around the world and creates a substantial amount of jobs and economic opportunities throughout its value chain, seeking not only for high quality coffee producers, but also those who respect nature and harvest coffee in a sustainable way with transparency, commitment and involvement in their communities.

Natures Balance

Coffee farms are an important habitat for the hummingbird, just as crops are for us!

The name of our company comes from the famous hummingbird, the bird that roams the flowers and that plays a fundamental biological role for plants, pollination. In search of its vital sustenance, the hummingbird manages to penetrate the flowers until it reaches the nectar, however, during its journey, it covers itself with pollen throughout the body, allowing it to be transferred to a new flower on a new visit.

This bird native to the Americas (like us) and mainly abundant in the tropical zones of this region, flies over a range of climates and varied ecological floors that are always associated with plants that they can feed on.

Hummingbirds are one of the most important pollinators and are found in most shade coffee tree bird lists, as these crops are surrounded by other trees and flowering plants that are attractive to them.

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