The Kolibri company was born through a small coffee production owned by Darius’s family that comes from Costa Rica and is harvested on the Nonna Anna farm (in honor of his grandmother’s name).

Rossana Lok started her dream in 2002 by buying a piece of land on the slopes of the Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica, where the Hotel Guayabo Lodge is located today. Years later she decided to expand by creating an environmental project that would surround the hotel with the purchase of more land to avoid deforestation in the area and have a better tourist attraction.

In 2016 she began planting coffee as part of her project, acquiring an old 3-hectare farm, which has also been renovated by her husband Pedro Ferreira. Together have replanted several old trees and are experimenting with new 100% Arabica varieties to offer to the European market.

The goal is to create a new appeal for the hotel while they can expand production, become more adept at processing coffee, and help develop the Santa Cruz region.