Where is the company based?
What kind of payment do you accept?
Can I cancel or make changes in my order?
When is my purchase refunded?
How do I apply a discount code?
Do you have wholesale offers?


Which countries do you ship to?
What is the cost of shipping?
When Can I expect to receive my order?
Do you offer free delivery?
Where is my package?


Why Subscribe?
How coffee subscription work?
How does the payment work?
When is the coffee shipped?
Is there a required duration?


Where your coffee comes from?
How should I brew my coffee?
When is the coffee best?
How can I keep my coffee fresh for longer?
Can I get my coffee grounded?
How to redeem a gift card?


How do I earn points?
Do you guys have a referral link?
How do I know the points were deposited under my account?
What does it mean to “redeem points”?
Do subscription orders get points?
Can I use my rewards on subscription orders?
Can I use my reward code with another discount code?


Do you have a sustainable coffee supply chain?
Is your packaging eco-friendly?
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