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Chambaku Filter

Chambaku | Filter

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About This Coffee

First castillo natural from Colombia thanks to OPCE. A family business that owns the Chambaku farm and has 2 generations united by the same passion.

This coffee is selected through a flotation process to remove less dense cherries. Subsequently, anaerobic fermentation is carried out for 36 hours in tanks using an inoculum prepared from previous harvests.

The cherries are moved to the canopies and first dried for approximately 5 days and finished by air drying in a vertical mechanical silo for 2 days, where the temperature is carefully controlled to ensure it stays below 45ºC.

Tasting Notes
How to brew

Chambaku Farm

It is the new project of the Restrepo family. It is a 12-hectare farm located in Villamaría, Caldas that is part of the area that makes up the Hacienda El Jardín.

Historically they have focused on traditional coffee, but in recent years they have renewed themselves by creating an ideal agro-industrial system that allows them to extract all the productive potential of differentiated coffees.

Chambaku farm, Juan Felipe Restrepo.

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