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Rushashi Filter

Fruity and refreshing coffee reminiscent of nectarine, blueberry aftertaste with a spice touch of vanilla.

The Story

Rushashi Coffee Washing Station (CWS) is the larger of two washing stations owned by the Abakundakawa coffee farmers cooperative, one of the early partners of This Side Up. It is located in the lush, green Gakenke district, characterized by high, jagged hills at high altitudes, making it ideal for high-quality coffee production. It is no coincidence that this region produces some of the most sought after coffee in Rwanda.

Abakundakawa has come a long way since it began as a small farmers’ association in 1999. It became a recognized cooperative in 2007 and has since grown into an advanced operation with over 2,000 member farmers. Their standards are truly exceptional: the facility has a space for tasting and roasting samples, and they employ organic processing methods (in pursuit of organic certification), which may have contributed to the bronze medal they won in the Cup of Excellence of Rwanda in 2010.

Abakundakawa is also a good example of how rural Rwandan society is managing to deal with the horrors of the past after the genocide, in a hopeful and inspiring way, by supporting women producers in recent years.

How to brew

Rushashi Washing Station.

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