Pour over

Pour over drippers have grown in popularity, becoming the easiest brewers to find because they promote a quickly and efficient extraction. They are increasingly diverse with different shapes, sizes, filter materials and recommendations of use.


Freshly roasted coffee, a dripper (Hario v60), paper filter, a grinder, a scale, a timer, a kettle and clean filtered water.

Brew Time

3:00 min


21 g (2 cups) – Medium Ground


300 ml of water at 94º C


1) Fold the filter into a cone shape and place it into the Hario dripper, then rinse it with hot water to eliminate the paper taste and to heat up the brewer.  

2) Grind 21 g of your specialty coffee on a medium filter setting.

3) Don’t forget to discard the rinse water. Place the V60 brewer and dripper on the scale and add the coffee to the filter, distributing it evenly.

4) Once the timer starts, pour the water over the coffee until covering it and let all grounds bloom for 30 seconds to degas it.

5) Pour continuously with a spiral motion until reaching 300 ml of water.

6) Wait until minute 3 when no more water drips down and your coffee is ready to serve.