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Nueva Andina - Omni Roast - 250g

Nueva Andina – Omni Roast

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Green Apple • Walnut • Dried Prune Aromas








Pitalito – Huila, Colombia

1700 masl

Nueva andina farm is a family legacy and heritage

He is Nacor Morales, originally from Cauca and married to Elsa Magali Muñoz, together they have a 24-year-old daughter, Johana, and a 29-year-old son, Carlos. The latter is now his right-hand man and they work together on his 6-hectare farm, enjoying and learning from the processing and work in the wet mill.

He started growing coffee after moving to Huila, but has been a farmer all his life due to his passion for working outdoors.

In his spare time works as a gardener and in his back garden has a splendid collection of orchid flowers for which he has won several competitions.

Nacor Morales – Coffee Grower


  • 70 hours dry anaerobic fermentation.
  • After pulping there is a double fermentation of 60 hours wet anaerobic fermentation.
  • As a final step the coffee is washed and put to dry in marquesinas for 10-18 days depending on the weather.
Orchids collection


A strong coffee to wake up!

A juicy full-bodied coffee with a refreshing balance of sweetness and acidity which reminds one of green apples and a strong aroma of dark fruits like dried prunes.

The high elevation of the farm and the fermentation process applied create the ideal conditions for the production of an incredible coffee like this one.

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