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Buenos Aires - Filter Roast - 250g

Buenos Aires – Filter Roast

from 14,00

Strawberry jam • Dark chocolate • Hints of Tea








Brusealas – Huila , Colombia

1650 masl

Buenos aires farm owned by Nidia and her husband Beto Narvaez

Despite the challenges of growing pink bourbon with consistency and meticulous maintenance, Nidia speaks with great respect towards this variety and explains that it became very popular for its resistance to rust, its good yield, as well as its sweetness, complex, fresh acidity and floral flavour. Today the farm has 5 hectares dedicated exclusively to the cultivation of this coffee.

The enormous demand for coffee has inspired them to become a specialist, winning different national awards and becoming very influential producers in the area.

This duo feels a great passion for specialty practices, on their farm they have built brand new marquesinas from which producers in the area can benefit.

Becoming experts at sun drying they have encouraged many others to improve processing techniques.

Beto Narvaez – Coffee grower

Nidia – Coffee Grower


  • 12 hours aerobic fermentation on cherry and then pulp it.
  • 40 hours anaerobic fermentation in tanks with water at controlled temperatures.
  • Washed and dried in 2 stages: The first is drying the coffee beans in a marquesina at high temperature for 24 hours. The second is drying at a low temperature in marquesinas for 30 days.


Our first Colombian coffee could not be any other! A pink bourbon with a sweet and aromatic blend of ripe strawberries, medium body and delicate acidity. All in all it is a very clean and elegant coffee.

Since the moment we got the samples from @cataexport, we were impressed by the flavours of this coffee. Thanks to them it was possible to bring it and make it part of our offer.

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