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chambaku - Espresso Roast

Chambaku – Espresso Roast

from 10,50

Ripe Banana • Cocoa Powder • Tutti Frutti aromas








Villamaría – Caldas, Colombia

1400 – 1800 masl

Finca Chambakú is the new project of the Restrepo family

It is a 12 hectares farm located in Villamaría, Caldas and is one of the 17 farms that make up Hacienda el Jardín.
Historically, this Hacienda has been focused on traditional coffee, but during the last years they have adapted and created an ideal agro-industrial system to extract all the productive potential with differentiated coffees thanks to the optimal environmental conditions and the possibility of closely controlling their crops.

Juan Felipe, Q Processor, and partner of the farm, is the Manager and the great architect of the protocols and processes of the benefit at the farm. Among his most outstanding achievements, it is worth mentioning the new fertilization protocols with organic matter and the extreme care of post-harvest, as well as the construction of greenhouses with 3-level canopies to be able to adapt to a better drying process, perfecting the final cup.

Elmer & Juan Felipe Restrepo (Q processor) – Coffee Growers


  • Selection of the coffee trees lot based on temperature and humidity requirements for the development of sugars.
  • Elimination of less dense cherries through a floaters process.
  • Aerobic fermentation for 36-hour in tanks using an inoculum prepared with the fermentations of the previous harvests.
  • The cherries is transferred to the greenhouse and put to dry in beds for approximately 5 days to drain most part of the water and last phase of juice exchange.
  • The drying process is finished with an air-drying process in a vertical mechanical silo for 2 days, where the temperature is carefully monitored to ensure it stays before 45 degrees Celsius.’]


We got to know this coffee through Jean Zuluaga (Juan Felipe’s older brother) and we were blown away by it because it tastes like a bowl full of fruits, this makes this coffee the perfect addition for our whole year round assortment.

we taste ripe banana with a prolonged aftertaste of cocoa powder and tropical fruits aroma (tutti frutti).

It’s a very funky coffee with hints of liquor, juicy body and pleasant acidity.

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