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Aquiares - Filter Roast

Costa Rica

Aquiares – Filter Roast

from 12,80

Pomegranate • Red Grape • Dark Chocolate • Honeycomb








About this coffee


  • All Aquiares coffee is picked by hand and floaters beans are removed to ensure consistent high quality.
  • In the natural process – No pulp is detached from the bean and this is how the traces of the alcohols and sugars that make up the cherry fruit are preserved.
  • Sun-drying: 2 days pre-drying in ceramic floor, 10 days African raised bed (in 28oC – 45oC range) and a final mechanical drying in Guardiola for 1 day.
  • The parchment is removed as a final step and the beans are sorted by size, weight, density and color, before they are bagged for export.

Meet the producer

Aquiares is one of the most historic coffee farms in Costa Rica, since it is the most extensive. It dedicates 80% of its land to the cultivation of high quality coffee and the remaining 20% to conservation. 

The farm was founded in 1890, but its transformation came up a century later by Alfonso Robelo. He was the responsable of a socio-economic revolution, with the creation of a unique partnership: the Community (made up of 3,000 people, only 15% employed by the farm) and Cafetalera Aquiares (grower-miller-exporter), their company.  This worker community is located on the enchanting slopes of the Turrialba volcano, a lush area of forests, rivers, fauna, and bright flora as its Rainforest Alliance certification proves it.

Nowadays Alfonso’s son, Diego, manages the farm. Under his leadership, the farm has taken a fresh approach to specialty coffee. Through excellent agricultural management, embracing new varieties, and experimenting with processing, Aquiares has become a trailblazer among specialty coffee producers in Costa Rica and all of Central America.

Diego Robelo – Coffee Grower

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