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Aquiares - Espresso Roast
Costa Rica

Aquiares | Espresso

from 10,20

Caramel • Chocolate • Almond aftertaste • Raisins aromas








About This Coffee

This coffee comes to us from our neighbours, Diego Robelo and the amazing people from @aquiarescoffee community in Turrialba. It is the most historic and extensive coffee farm in Costa Rica.

These coffee beans are transferred to the Aquiares wet mill, where they are separated into two qualities through a flotation process and dried in a mechanical silo that is fueled by sustainably harvested wood for 36 hours, until the humidity is reduced. at 10.5%.

Finally, the parchment is removed and the beans are sorted by size, weight, density, and color, before being bagged for export.

Tasting Notes
How to brew

Aquiares Estate

Aquiares, is one of the oldest farms in Costa Rica and is located in the coffee-producing region of Turrialba. They are responsible for some truly spectacular coffees, and as neighbours we are very proud of what they do.

The entire team has worked hard on their land to plant different varieties and have experimented with different processes to deliver exquisite specialty coffee to the market.

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