Costa Rica Espresso Roast
Espresso Roast
Aquiares Espresso
Costa Rica

Aquiares (E)

from 10,20

Caramel • Chocolate • Almond aftertaste • Raisins aromas







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Aquiares Espresso

It is like eating a dark chocolate bar with almond and an intense raisin finish.  Rich and delightfully round mouthfeel.

The story

We are always delighted to have coffees from the Aquiares Estate from Costa Rica as Diego Robelo has been our neighbour for several years in the coffee-producing region of Turrialba.

It is one of the oldest farms and may be may be a very large, but they have put a lot of effort into their community to have an incredibly positive impact, both increasing the quality of the coffee and improving the well-being of those who work with them.

Under the leadership of Diego Robelo, the focus has been conservation and protection of the biodiversity that surrounds them, as evidenced by their Rainforest Alliance certification and other international recognitions that highlight their efforts to face the challenges posed by climate change.

The entire team has worked hard on their land to plant different varieties and have experimented with different processes to deliver exquisite specialty coffee to the market.

How to brew

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