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Our Coffee

Our commitment is to offer a well balanced and fully flavoured coffee that will transport you to selected farms across the worldwide tropical highlands where our beans are sustainably harvested to satisfy your taste.

Kolibri Coffee specializes in the selection of single origin non-blended coffee, to ensure you get a perfect rendering of the qualities of each variety’s flavours and aromas that comes from one the best local producers across the worldwide tropical highlands.

We dedicate our time to obtaining distinctive and superior beans that can offer a well-balanced flavour without being blended. This is only possible working with coffee growers who share our philosophy and values.

Considering that coffee is a seasonal product, we select each variety from the most recent harvest throughout samples or visiting the farms directly, to guarantee that all beans preserve the freshness and the optimal conditions for its roasting .

Once our order is unloaded in the Netherlands, we conduct roasting tests and cupping sessions to ensure we are bringing out the best of each lot and to highlight the most relevant characteristics of the different varieties.

Each part of the process is important to ensure that we work towards providing a new appreciation of coffee in which people obtain quality, accessibility and knowledge that allows them to enjoy an exquisite cup every day.


Coffee beans - Kolibri Coffee - Nonna Anna Farm
Coffee beans – Nonna Anna Farm

In order to consciously satisfy the demands that the market has today, since consumers not only want to drink a cup of coffee but also know what history is behind each one, we have taken care of carefully evaluating each process within the chain of value.

Sustainability for us is a fundamental issue, not only because of the importance that producers have good environmental practices within their crops, but also because of the balance that must exist between the economic growth and social well-being of their surrounding communities.

We are aware that direct purchase at a fair price is the basis for making the sector sustainable, as this allows producers to have financial independence to maintain their lifestyle, generate a new investment and ensure the viability of their farms in the long term, always generating a positive impact in the same place of production.

Furthermore, exchanging without intermediaries allows us to create long-term relationships based on trust and familiarity, since we know their environment closely, but we also assure the producer who is on the other side.

Our approach is to ensure that both producers are incentivised to improve the quality of their green beans every day, as well as being able to share those truly special coffees with our consumers.

Recycled Packaging

As contributors to sustainability, we also care about the environmental impact that we generate through our packaging. For this reason we work with paper bags which are aluminum free, 100% recyclable and contain a high oxygen barrier that keeps coffee fresh.

Similarly, our shipping boxes, tape, tissues and stamp are also 100% recyclable with soy-based Inks.

Kolibri Coffee is proud to work with an allied partner who also shares its philosophy and interest in reducing the ecological footprint on the planet and contributes positively in reducing greenhouse gases to prevent our greatest threat, climate change. Noissue has its own program to contribute to global reforestation, which we support with every purchase.

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