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Discover your coffee match

Coffee is an incredible product with which we can enjoy a daily ritual. We believe that each consumption experience is different and that is why we have classified our line up so that you can easily select your best coffee match.

Day to Day

Are you looking for high quality coffee that just tastes like a proper cup of pleasure? Then these ones are for you.

You can expect nutty and chocolaty flavours, even some sweetness with a slight hints of citrus. But there is nearly no acidity in these beans and certainly no bitterness.

Normally they are medium roasted and used for delicious espressos or any milk based drinks like cappuccino. But some people certainly love it for their pour over morning coffee since they feel stronger in the mouth.

Exotic Taste

Get that “ooff” feeling, these beans are something else!

This is your door into the world of speciality, flavours will vary from very fruity & funky to bittersweet to acid. They will be roasted in a very special way to enhance each bean flavours.

These coffees will showcase the different varieties in the world of coffee, it will normally have a very sophisticated drying process like Natural Anaerobic, black honey or other more specialized developments.

Guilty Pleasure

Yes thats right, these are expensive high quality and rare coffees.

Ever wonder what art would taste like in liquid form? These beans are specially produced, harvested and selected for coffee masters. You will get varied noted from florals to liquors to sweet fruit with subtle acidity and full bodied.

The bean variety will be micro or nano lots, dense and very tasty, requiring more effort to produce. Some include beans like Geisha, Pink Bourbon, Java and others.

The cupping score is normally above 87 points, In essence if you want to show off to your friends or just enjoy an afternoon playing with flavours, this is the coffee for you!

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