Chambaku farm

Origin: Villamaría – Caldas , Colombia

Farm: Chambaku (El jardín)

Altitude: 1400 – 1800 m

Producer: Juan Felipe Restrepo

Varieties: Castillo, Colombia & Caturra

Chambaku is the new project of the Restrepo family. It is a 12-hectare farm located in Villamaría, Caldas that is part of the area that makes up the Hacienda El Jardín.

Historically they have focused on traditional coffee, but in recent years they have renewed themselves by creating an ideal agro-industrial system that allows them to extract all the productive potential of differentiated coffees.

Juan Felipe Restrepo, Q Processor, is in charge of protocols and process improvements at the mill. His achievements include organic material to fertilize, extreme post-harvest care and the construction of 3-level canopies in greenhouses for a better drying process, perfecting the final cup.