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Branding & Technology

Kolibri Coffee has been built as a collaboration between several parties. All of which are very professional in their field.

Brand Identity

Stephany Marmolejo is a International marketing & advertising professional from Colombia who is now based in the Netherlands and works as a part-time freelancer & full-time coffee entrepreneur.

She is very driven to achieve a perfect symbiosis between branding and corporate identity. In addition, she is a person who understands social behaviour and adapts clients’ needs into efficient market strategies.

You can contact her for job offers and collabs on her Linkedin profile.

Techonology & E-commerce

Valtteri Kujala is the CEO of Valfi.com, a Finish company that is leading in e-commerce platform solutions. They have been the best partner to build this shop and will continue to be our support through out the years to come.

Valtteri is a gifted solution driven professional who creates the most innovative e-commerce platforms.

For more info on Valfi.com please visit their website.

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